You can see that the dog grooming clippers and that of the human look quite similar. The sharp and the handle may be various, however, there is not much different between two types of the clippers. Inside, both have the motors, wire and battery the blades usually look the same. Besides, they work on the same principles. So what the differences are that make you pay about hundreds of bucks to pay for the clippers of your dog?

Some people sometimes want to share their clipper with their dog, is it okay?? I will say that it absolutely not okay. You need to pay for a dog clipper, do it then you will be paid off. If you insist on using a human clipper on your dog, read the reasons below then you will understand why you should not do it.

The human clipper does not fit, why?

Here is the answer, the human clippers made for human? Not that obviously, listen to me!! The hairs of the human do not usually knot and twist. Even if you have a curly hair, you comb it every day because of that, the clipper is easier to get through your hair, take the hairs out. Now you see the different?

Also, people usually take the bath every day, may be twice or more than that. How about your dog, are they do it them self? Certainly, it does not happen. Taking bath will help to reduce the oil your body produces, since that; your hair does not have so much the knot and twist like a dog.

The blaze teeth of the human clipper are usually denser than the dog one as the human hair is the lighter (compare to the animal hair). Grooming by the clipper of human will make your dog discomfort, and they might run away when they know you want to groom them.


The compulsory feature of dog clipper

The dog coat is much thicker and has more mats than human hairs. The dog clipper is specifically designed for your dog, make you move smoothly on the dog coat. Many people try to use their clipper on the dog say that they have to stop as the fur stuck on the blades.

Bear in mind that the dog’s coat can have two or three layers. Those layers can get stuck on the blade without difficulty. Stop one time is not a problem, but more than that will drive you crazy.

Another reason is if your dog is clean and tidy. That is not a problem, but why sure their coat is clean that much. You can have the disease from your dog, believe me, you will surprise when you see what can stick in your dog coat, or you have already known it as you have brushed your dog hair sometimes before.

Also, the dog clipper is made from the heavy mental, it is sharper than the most of the human type. The teeth of the blade are longer to guarantee that clipper won’t stop in any circumstance. The motor is more powerful to support better for the user. The more rpm, the more your work can be done faster.

And when hairdresser is cutting your hairs, do you want to run around or move a little bit? No, but your dog will not be polite as you are. Taking a dog grooming clipper will make that more convenient for your dog and for yourself too.