Dog fence training for your dog

If you are a dog owner, you probably have heard of the term “dog fence”. Dog fence system has become more popular in recent years, yet it is still unfamiliar to some dog owners. So let’s find out more about this new system and which benefits it can bring to us.

What is a dog fence actually?


Unlike the ordinary fence we have always seen before, dog fence is, in fact, an invisible electronic wireless fence system used to keep dogs or other animals within a certain boundary without using any physical restraint. An electric collar is put on the dog’s neck to receive signals from the system. Generally, if the dog goes beyond the designed boundary, first the collar will sound. If the sound is ignored, a mild electric shock will be delivered through the collar. After few times, the dog will get used to the signals and will learn to stay within the boundary.


So where should we start?


Getting used to a new system can be confusing and intimidating, especially when the system requires some skills in technology to successfully install it such as the wireless dog fence.


For the installation, it should not be too difficult. You can follow the steps in the manual, and take some time to read the instructions before starting. If you cannot figure it out, it is always a good idea to contact a professional or a representative that you bought the system from. In general, setting up the system appropriately is definitely a must before you can use it, but it is not an extremely challenging task. The most crucial task, in fact, is how you can train your dog to get used to it.


Remember that dogs are sensitive to any external environment factors? Before you introduce and train them well on how to use this system, they are likely to negatively react to the fence signals once you turn the system on. Training your dog requires some certain techniques, and sometimes you may also need a professional for assistance. However, it is totally doable by yourself with some following tips.


Start with the basics such as “Sit” and “Stay”, and more…


Before going further into the basics, we want to remind you a little bit of the reason why invisible dog fence was first created. Dogs are active and energetic, and they tend to run and wander all over the places. Occasionally we, dog owners, have no idea where they run to, and whether they are disturbing our neighbors. Although the ordinary fence that we usually see does work in preventing dogs from uncontrollably running around the neighborhood, in these modern days it is not always an aesthetic option. Hence, the new system, wireless dog fence system, was created to provide a more aesthetic barrier.


Since it is invisible, it is difficult for your dog to see and understand the boundary. That is why we need training. However, in order for this training to be successful, your dog must at least knows to listen and obey your commands. You do not need a perfectly trained dog before introducing him to the wireless dog fence system, but being able to understand basic commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” is highly recommended. As you are about to introduce new commands for your dog, previously-trained dogs will be able to adapt faster to new commands.


Make it “visible” at first.


We know that this system is designed to be invisible, so why do we need to make it visible? The answer is that your dog cannot understand how it works if he is unable to see it. Marking the boundaries is the first step in training your dogs. You can use flags or cones, or anything conspicuous so that your dog can observe the markings and implicitly understands their limits. This step is to help to reduce confusion for your dog. After he has been accustomed to the system and its boundary, you can remove these markings.


Introduce your dogs to the markings and the beeping sounds.

Once you have done marking the boundary, walk your dog close to the boundary so that he can see the visual marks. After a few times, your dog will start to memorize these markings. One thing you need to remember is to use a leash at this point so that your dog will not run out of the yard.


Next, it is time for him to get used to the sounds. Every time your dog goes closer to the designed boundary, the collar will buzz, and this sound can be annoying for your dog the first time. You can train him by letting him get closer to the boundary and leave the buzzing sound on. Then verbally you can redirect them so that they will not go past it. It is helpful to change your tone while you are redirecting your dog, so that over time he will be able to associate the redirection with the collar’s beeping sound.


Don’t forget the rewards!

Similar to any kind of training, giving rewards is essential. After each training, it is important that you verbally praise your little friend and give him his favorite treats, so that he understands that his action is right, and he is encouraged to do it again next time. Sometimes your rewards can also be a nice toy or a walk to his favorite places.


The training may take sometimes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how fast your dog picks up the lesson. However, no matter how long it may take, the most crucial factor you will need is patience. Your dog cannot know the system just after one training session. It takes time, determination, and patience to guide and train your dog. Do not worry about the time, because once your dog is used to the wireless dog fence system, the result is rewarding. You do not have to care much about your dog disturbing your neighbor or getting lost somehow without your attention.