Best Electric Dog Clippers

Electric Dog ClippersWe all know that grooming plays a crucial role in creating the great appearance and healthy skin, coat for your dogs. A strong and healthy skin, the coat could help them to against inflammation, allergy, and infections.

It would be great if you spend time grooming instead of throwing your dog to an expert groomer. A smart electric dog clipper is an indispensable tool for working on. It is not easy to find the right clipper, especially for beginners.

First, to help you overcome this hard time, let take a look at a list of best electric dog clippers from our experience:


List of Recommended Electric Dog Clippers

1. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Corded / Cordless Clipper Kit

This clipper is a perfect combination of lithium-ion power and adjustable 5 in 1 blade. It can be recharged up in an hour, and then you can work on 1,5 hours. Its intellectual motor increase speed of edge and power to provide sleek grooming and exact cut.

Besides, Wahl is durable, stable and safer to use. It works quietly. Made from the premium materials, Wahl is lightweight and easy to control without heat-producing. An excellent choice for regular home use grooming.

A set of clippers will have a stand for charging, clipper oil, brush, exchangeable blade, and full information guidelines.


  • Enhance battery capacity
  • 5 in 1 blade
  • being quiet and comfortable to use
  • Good price


  • It will be a little flimsy for heavy-duty


2. Wahl Professional Animal Motion Pet, Cat Dog, Horse cordless/corded clipper kit. 

These single-speed clippers come with 5 in 1 set and five sizes, including 9,10,15,30,40. Surely, we will be impressed by its excellent design. Although it is lightweight and calm, still can produce 5,500 hits per minutes.

It is easy to trim even the thicker hair at the neck or back portion, where the other counter can get some pressure. While this clip can hit simply to begin the cutting, you can groom all body of 3 dogs by one-time charge if you use the cordless.

The cordless one is easy to hold in hand, running around your dogs.


  • For different kinds of animals (dogs. cats, horses, etc.)
  • Lightweight
  • Best choice for small and medium breeds
  • Quickly charge 1 hour


  • A little expensive


3. Adis UltraEdge Super 2 speed detachable blade clipper

Adis is one of the most common brands on the market. This model is famous for its cool and silent operation with 120V. It is a perfect choice for any kind of breeds. With the detachable blade, you can clean and change it quickly.

You would be impressed by its performance of trimming tail and feet. For the beginner, this clippers is much easy to control and finish even if you are not trained on grooming or clipping dog’s hair.

This model offers different blades and easy changing. Differ from others; this clipper comes with a little warm with cooling spray, your dogs will not get scared of noisy.


  • High-quality clipper
  • Offering many blades
  • Easy using
  • Nice look
  • Quiet running


  • Being hot when using in a long time
  • A little costly


4. Wahl Professional Animal KM10-Speed brushless Motor clipper kit

KM10 is excellent for body clipping for all animal coats. The speed is adjusted automatically by the optimal cutting tech. This model is also a once excellent choice for the amateur because of its lightweight and ergonomic design for a comfortable fit.

Using five oiling method, KM10 brings excellent performance with extended motor for more than 10 thousand hours of life. It comes with two speeds of 3000 and 3700 strokes/ minutes. To prevent the fur clogging, it comes with the round front house.


  • Powerful for control and balance
  • Come with a set of blades
  • 10 .000 hours motor life
  • Quiet running, lightweight
  • Easy blade removal


  • Corded clippers


5. Andis 22340 ProClip 2 speed Detachable blade clippers

This model is one of the wells know clippers from Adis. This clipper offers two-speed motor, a switch between 3.400 to 4400 strokes/minute. There is also the smart cooling function for preventing clogged hair.

Mainly, it will not overheat, remain cool even for trimming a long time for thick coat animals. With 14-foot heavy-duty cord, you can move quickly. This model can work on different kind of blades.

It is for both new learners and professional grooming. It built-in is incredibly durable over time.


  • Easy changing detachable blade
  • 14 feet heavy-duty cord
  • Two speed motor for high working
  • Being entirely but not overheat


  • Heavy
  • A corded clipper
  • No attachments


6. Sminiker professional low noise rechargeable cordless cat and dog clippers

If you are looking for the proper and powerful cutting, you end here. This Sminiker offer the heavy-duty gear for ensuring high performance. This model also provides a stable and steady adjust.

It comes with a titanium acute angle blade and the ceramic blade with a smooth and efficient performance much better than others. For professional groomers, it has enough advanced features. For the newbie, it is easy and safe to use.

Your dog will not be scared due to the ultra-quiet design with low vibration. The kit includes a nail clipper, Ac power battery, brush, scissors and comb.


  • Excellent heavy duty built-in
  • Good price
  • Friendly to beginners
  • Cordless clipper


  • Short battery life


7. Oster Golden A5 clipper

Oster Golden A5 has been famous for years in the market due to its high quality and various blade ranges. It comes with two-speed motor, Oster always stays in 2220 and 3200 strokes/ minutes.

Especially, this model offers Agion Antimicrobial against bacteria, mould and mildew broadening. With the tug free, it can easily prevent tugging of the hair.

It is ranked as the heavy-duty clipper from Oster with high performance for even irregular groomers. It is highly recommended for single pet groomers. The kit includes blade case, grooming shears, instructional DVD, cleaning brush and oil.


  • Durable clipper
  • Easy using
  • Quiet running
  • Powerful motor


  • Being hot sometimes


Things to consider when choosing a right clippers

Type of clippers (battery or wired)

Corded electric clippers are more durable than its counterpart, and you don’t need to charge it. It is a perfect choice for thick fur requiring trimming routine. You only need to plug it in a power outlet.

Cordless clippers are less sturdy, but there is no limit for your grooming location. You can easy groom in the hard to reach point without any attached cord. If you often travel, a cordless clipper will be the right choice. You can learn more on expert opinion about dog clippers in Crittersitca


Single-speed clippers are always for those having few pets and using hands for pet grooming. A single one will not produce extra heat.

Multiple speed clippers are designed for heavy-duty works. This speed type creates the best finish for a dog coat. However, it is recommended for an expert who is professional enough to handle it.

Weight & size

A simple and lightweight clipper is easier for grooming, also it should be sturdy. You should consider choosing only the Morden clippers which are ergonomically designed. Then you can enjoy to hold it for a long time.


The blade is the central part of clippers. By the time, the edge becomes more durable and sturdy because of new materials laser and amalgams.

Several brands are using a compatible blade with a lower cost rather than using the designed blade from a specific manufacturer. Professional groomers need restrictive blades. Don’t forget to change blades for sharpness after using in a long time.

Noise level

Different clippers will make unsimilar noise levels. We cannot the buzzing sound caused. However, if you own timid dogs, a noisy clipper might scare them. Thus, choosing the ultra-quiet clippers should be safe for any situation.



Q: Can I use the human clipper for dogs?

A: Dog clipper is different from human clippers. Dog clippers include more blade with the vary of length than the human clipper. Moreover, dog clipper is sharper and more powerful specialized for dog’s fur. Thus, you can not use human clipper instead of dog clipper, and it is very dangerous.

Q: How to cut the dog’s hair?

A: Don’t forget to place your dog at the right angle when you cut a dog’s hair for safety. Take a dog clipper and run through dog hair growing line. Your better hair cuts depend on your dog’s performance as well.

Q: How much for grooming dog?

A: It depends on your dog’s size but at least 30 dollars for small, and 100 dollars for large breeds. Thus, grooming dog by yourself can help you to save money and keep you closed to your beloved animals.

Q: Best clipper for thick coat dogs?

The corded option should be an excellent option with more powerful than cordless.


Final thoughts

Our list of various clippers might bring you more choices for buying the right clippers even if you are professional and newbie. Hopefully, you can pick up your best electric dog clipper!