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We Raysonthebay.com have only mission that to help our fur friends to get better from health issues.
Dog behaviour problem?
Dog behaviour advice and personal dog training provided by Rays on the Bay for regular discerning owners.Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, the relationship between dog and owner is as important as its physical health. The more we understand why dogs do what they do the better that relationship can be.

Modern lifestyles put increasing pressure on owners and what is expected of our dogs. Often dogs are unable to cope.Dogs have to fit into our human environment, we often misinterpret intentions and it is often this culture clash that causes minunderstandings and the development of behavioural problems.Behaviour can occur for a variety of reasons, it can be multi faceted and complex.

Rays on the Bay will do our best to help. Aversive training techniques are not necessary or used to change an undesirable behaviour. Recognised appropriatedmethods are kind , based on scientific study and getting the dog to do it because he wants to not because he has to. Thus promoting mutual trust and re-establishment of the bond.

” Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

The advisor has over 12 years experience working with dogs and animals in the animal industry.The advisor gained AdVAB (distinction) in Advanced Animal Behaviour and ADipCBM (distinction) in Canine Behaviour Management (academically qualified as ADipCBM or degree) The advisor also has Instructor and Behaviourist Certificates and has studied with leading known behaviourists.Qualified to a recognised professional level and member of approved professional bodies. Methods and attitude to behaviour is approbated by vets. Rays on the Bay is reccommened to and by vets.

Your dogs’ behaviour may be due to a medical reason, consult your veterinarian . I will take cases on vetererinary referal.

For an accurate analysis and assesement of your individual dog a consultation is required. A questionnaire is sent out and a consultation booked. The dog is assesed. The consultation takes 1-3 hours. A home visit, with all the family present. Advice and support is provided. A report and behavioural plan is made. Follow-up support is included; Your commitment to raysonthebay.com and your dog is to contact by phone or email for support and advice to continue to advance the progress.

We are here to help.
Many owners do not require it but some may want and benifit from further personal advice and demonstrations.Each case is unique and the dog an individual. Continued follow-up support is available; 1-2-1 personal training sessions or a follow-up consultation as appropriate.

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